About Sherry

Sherry Monahan has been researching and writing about the past since 1997.

She started as a novice and has evolved into a super sleuth. If you want someone from the past found, she’s likely to find them.

Her most recent genealogy accomplishment came from her latest book, When the Rich Went West. She traced an English woman, who used an alias, from England to California, to New York City, and back to England. In between all that, this woman traveled around the U.S., which Sherry also tracked. When Sherry contacted the woman’s descendants they were astonished that Sherry knew more than they ever had!

Sherry has several non-fiction books published—all included deep research to find people, businesses, and other details of daily life for a region, subject, or town. She also writes a monthly column for True West magazine entitled, Frontier Fare, which entails research of food and related stories in the Victorian West. She also has another passion where she researches the genealogy of food and wine! It’s called, Winestry.

Sherry is a member of the National Genealogical Society and the Association of Professional Genealogists. She is currently the Vice President of Western Writers of America and holds memberships in Women Writing the West, the Author’s Guild, James Beard Foundation, and the Wild West History Association.


It’s this love of research and her knack for finding lost relatives that prompted Sherry to offer her keen research skills to others.